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Thousands of boaters come to Boat Planet every day looking for help from pros just like you. Start connecting with the largest network of boaters on this planet and grow your business today.

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Boat Planet gives you the power to work when you want and on your own terms. Quote jobs from your phone while on your couch and wave goodbye to phone calls while you are upside down in an engine compartment.

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  • $50,000,000 Earned by pros on Boat Planet last year
  • 50,000 Job requests on Boat Planet last year
  • $1,500 Average quote using Boat Planet
  • 50 Jobs waiting to be quoted in all fifty states

Get More Profitable Jobs on Boat Planet

bucket throwing water on boat deck

Boat Detailing
$1,500/avg quote

flooring on a boat

Boat Flooring
$3,000/avg quote

truck pulling a boat

Boat Transport
$6,000/avg quote

Save Time & Get Paid Fast

Quote Jobs From Your Couch

We won’t bug you with phone calls and emails while you're upside down in an engine compartment. Quote jobs with your morning coffee or on your couch at night.

Get Paid Faster Than Ever

Stop sending invoices on Sundays and waiting to get paid. With Boat Planet, you get paid as soon as the same day the job is completed.

Grow Your Business On Your Terms

Too busy during peak season? Let someone else quote the job. Want more jobs in the off-season? We have plenty of jobs to keep you busy and your cash flowing.


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Thousands of boaters come to Boat Planet each day to get jobs done by pros like you. Getting started as a pro on Boat Planet is fast and easy.

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