Passionate Boaters Can’t Be Wrong

Our Story

Boat Planet started as
an idea — an observation, really.

When our founder needed some work done on his boat, he did what most boaters do:
he flipped through some old boating magazines and asked his dock neighbors for recommendations of professional help. But dusty magazines didn't fix things and dock neighbors weren't always around when problems occurred.

Happy you're here and happy to help.

Whether you're upgrading your boat stereo and lighting or just looking for a trustworthy mechanic, Boat Planet is here to help. Get inspired by photos, connect with reviewed and trusted professionals, and collaborate using our platform. When you're ready to hit the water, we'll provide you with the tips, tricks, and picks to plan your next adventure. After all, we're building the destination for “all that floats.”

Our Mission

At Boat Planet, our mission is to connect a nationwide community of boaters to local marine professionals who offer expert advice and service.

It's our hope that through this connection, boaters will feel informed, empowered and inspired while helping quality businesses showcase their best work to a bigger audience.

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