Open Sud de France 2023: How to Watch the Montpellier Open?

The Open Sud de France 2023, also known as the Montpellier Open, is an ATP tennis tournament that is highly acclaimed and will take place in Montpellier, France in February of 2023.

This tournament is one of the largest ATP tour events in France and will feature some of the world’s best tennis players. The tournament is expected to draw large crowds, as well as a large international media presence.

A tennisplayer playing tennis in a courtyard.

A number of the world’s best tennis players are expected to compete on the hard court inside the Montpellier Arena in March of 2023, making tennis fans all over the world excited. Here are some ways you can watch the Montpellier Open in addition to some information about its schedule and venues. We’ll also go over the different ways you can watch the tournament in this blog post.

You can follow the Montpellier Open by tuning in to live streams of the tournament or by checking out the tournament’s website for highlights, post-match interviews, and more. You can also follow the tournament’s social media accounts for live updates and behind-the-scenes content.

Additionally, you can purchase tickets to attend the tournament or watch it in person on the large outdoor screens in the Montpellier Arena.

How to Watch the Montpellier Open

You can watch the Montpellier Open live on TV or online using the smart devices of your choice, which is one of the best things about the Montpellier Open. If you’re on the go or in your own home, you’ll be able to catch all the action without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Plus, you can stay up to date with the live scores, highlights, interviews, and more. If you want to watch the tournament online, you’ll need to have a streaming service that offers live sports. Popular options include Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, and DAZN.

In order to watch the Montpellier Open on Amazon Prime Video, you will need to sign up for the service. Once you have signed up for the service, you will be able to search for the Montpellier Open and then select the live-streaming option.

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If you wish to watch the Montpellier Open live on ESPN+, you will need to create an account and then select the Montpellier Open from the list of available live sports. Also, DAZN, which offers a wide variety of live sports, including tennis, is another great option.

The Montpellier Arena

The Montpellier Arena is the venue for the Montpellier Open, a great place to watch a tennis match. The arena has a capacity of 7,000 spectators, so there’s plenty of room for fans to come out and watch the tournament, and it has a hard court indoors that will be perfect for this tournament, which will take place in February since it is an indoor tournament.

As a result of the tournament’s success in the past, many notable players have praised it, notably French players such as Tsonga, Gasquet, and Monfils.

The arena has become a popular venue for this tournament due to its large capacity, hard court flooring, and endorsement of professional players. This makes it a great spot for fans to come out and watch the tournament in February when outdoor conditions would be less ideal.

The arena itself is also equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, comfortable seating, and other amenities, making it an attractive option for players and fans alike. Additionally, its location in a major metropolitan area provides easy access for fans to attend the tournament.

Schedule and Dates

A qualifying match is scheduled to be played prior to the main draw on 6 February 2023, and the men’s singles final will take place on 12 February 2023. The Montpellier Open will take place from 6-12 February 2023.

This event is the first of four French events held at this track, including the Open 13, the Open Parc Lyon, and the Moselle Open. Be sure to mark your calendars and do not miss out on this exciting event.

All four French events will be held back-to-back, with the Montpellier Open taking the lead. This is a great opportunity for fans to watch some of the best tennis players from around the world compete in a series of thrilling matches. Be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity and don’t miss out on the action.


The Open Sud de France 2023 is one of the most exciting tennis tournaments of the year, with fans all over the world having the chance to watch it live on TV or online using smart devices, it is the most convenient way to stay up to date with all the games that are taking place.

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The Montpellier Arena is a very impressive venue with an indoor hard court and a capacity of 7,000 spectators. The tournament is scheduled to take place from 6-12 February 2023, with qualifying matches starting before the main draw on the 6th and the men’s singles final on the 12th. Don’t forget to mark your calendar and don’t miss it, as this tournament will be held from 6-12 February 2023.

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