Are you new to the world of tennis and feeling a little lost with all of the lingo? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 25 commonly used terms in the sport, along with their definitions. From aces to volleys and everything in between, this table has you covered. So grab your racquet and let’s get started!

Term Definition
Ace A serve that the receiver fails to touch with their racquet, resulting in a point for the server.
Ad Court The left side of the court, from the perspective of the server. Also known as the deuce court.
Alley The areas on either side of the singles court, outside the singles sidelines.
Baseline The back line at each end of the court, parallel to the net.
Break Point A point in the game when the receiver has the opportunity to win the game by breaking the server’s serve.
Deuce When the score in a game is tied at 40-40.
Foot Fault A violation that occurs when the server steps on or over the baseline or service line before hitting the serve.
Forehand A shot hit with the front of the racquet hand facing the ball.
Love A score of zero.
Match Point A point in the game when the player serving has the opportunity to win the match by winning the point.
Net Cord The cord stretched across the top of the net.
Net Post The vertical posts at the corners of the net.
No Man’s Land The area on the court between the baseline and the service line.
On the Rise Hitting a shot immediately after the ball bounces.
Rally A sequence of shots back and forth between the two players.
Service Box The area on the court from which the server must hit the serve.
Service Line The line at the back of the service box, parallel to the baseline.
Set Point A point in the game when the player serving has the opportunity to win the set by winning the point.
Singles A game of tennis played by two players, one on each side of the net.
Slice A shot hit with a downward angle and backspin, causing the ball to spin and bounce low.
Smash A shot hit with a downward motion and great force, typically at the net.
Tiebreak A way to determine the winner of a set if the score is tied at 6-6. The player who first reaches seven points, with a lead of two or more points, wins the tiebreak.
Volley A shot hit before the ball bounces on the court, typically at the net.
Weakness A shot hit to an opponent’s weaker side or an area where they are not as strong.
Winner A shot that cannot be returned by the opponent and results in a point.